Event: Akira to screen in cinemas across UK to celebrate 25 years of Manga Entertainment

Manga UK have been bringing us all manner of anime goodness for 25 years, and Akira‘s resounding success was the catalyst that brought Manga Video (as they were then known) into being. To celebrate, they’ll be screening the border-shattering cult classic in cinemas across the country. The showings will all take place on Wednesday 21st September on over 70 screens, making this the widest UK theatrical release of the film since its original run.

To find your nearest showing and booking information, head to Manga’s official website for the screening event. And this isn’t the only way the distributors will be marking their special occasion. In November, they’ll be releasing a collector’s edition triple play of Akira – a DVD, Blu-ray and digital combi pack, complete with English dubs and brand new artwork.

Manga Entertainment describe the seminal anime movie as follows:

Katsuhiro Otomo’s landmark cyberpunk classic obliterated the boundaries of Japanese animation and forced the world to look into the future. Akira’s arrival shattered traditional thinking, creating space for movies like The Matrix to be dreamed into brutal reality.

Neo-Tokyo, 2019. The city is being rebuilt post World War III when two high school drop outs, Kaneda and Tetsuo stumble across a secret government project to develop a new weapon – telekinetic humans. After Tetsuo is captured by the military and experimented on, he gains psychic abilities and learns about the existence of the project’s most powerful subject, Akira. Both dangerous and destructive, Kaneda must take it upon himself to stop both Tetsuo and Akira before things get out of control and the city is destroyed once again.


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