News: Umaru-chan studio’s lazy angel anime welcomes archangel Kana Hanazawa

With the first promo video released on the official website for the comedy anime Gabriel Dropout, a main cast of angels and demons is revealed. The trailer below also confirms the staff and plot for the show based on Ukami’s ongoing manga.

The anime stars, as follows:

Miyu Tomita (Aikatsu Stars!‘ Yume Nijino) as Gabriel White Tenma
Saori Onishi (Food Wars!‘ Hisako Arato) as Vignette April Tsukinose
Naomi Ozora (Genshiken: Second Generation‘s Susanna “Sue” Hopkins) as Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa
Kana Hanazawa (Durarara!!‘s Anri Sonohara) as Raphiel Ainsworth Shiraha

The show reunites the staff of summer 2015’s Himoto! Umaru-chan anime. That means Masahiko Ohta is back directing, with series composition by Takashi Aoshima, and character design by Katsuhiro Kumagai at studio Doga Kobo. In the manga, Gabriel White starts off as a straight-A student at angel school. But embarking on her post-grad studies at a human school, where she’s charged with leading fellow students down the path of righteousness, she succumbs to the sin of sloth. Once she becomes engrossed with an online game, she loses all motivation to leave her apartment.

The ongoing manga launched in December 2013 in Kadokawa’s Dengeki Daioh g gag manga magazine. After first being serialised every other month, it became a monthly series in April 2014, and Kadokawa published the third compiled volume in May.


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