Naruto and Hunter x Hunter creators discuss plans for future projects

In this Saturday’s (August 20th) issue of Jump GIGA magazine – formerly known as Shonen Jump NEXT!! – an interview with Masashi Kishimoto and Hunter x Hunter creator Yoshihiro Togashi will run with both authors discussing their plans for future projects. In YonkouProductions’ translated preview of the nine-page interview, the Naruto author says that he’s already started his research, and judging from Togashi’s sole remark, it seems he may be involved in some way:

Interviewer: For Kishimoto-sensei, do you have any plans for you next work? And Togashi-sensei, do you have any plans for something outside of Hunter x Hunter?
Kishimoto: “I’m currently working on my next work. I want to focus on it entirely, so I’ve already started working on it. I’m currently out collecting material for it, among other things.”

Interviewer: “You two, you said those amazing things so forthright…”
Kishimoto: “I cannot say anything else.”
Togashi: “See, it’s a really hard thing. To not be able to say anything!”
Kishimoto: “And moreover, I’ve kept it a secret from my editor too, so this is the first time I’ve talked about it… I don’t want any information to leak out, so I go off-site and discuss only with my first editor, Yahagi.”

Interviewer: “Will there be an announcement in the coming year?”
Kishimoto: “Ahh, I think so. Somewhere around there.”

Interviewer: “Ohhhh!”
Kishimoto: “But I don’t know. (haha). It’s still undecided.

Then again, as Togashi also talks about starting a card battle manga after Hunter x Hunter, he may just be referring to his own work.

While he was promoting the opening of the Boruto movie last summer, after the Naruto manga’s end in November 2014, Kishimoto mentioned that he was taking a well-deserved break and going on his honeymoon, which was over a decade overdue. By then his son, in his own words, had “grown as big as Boruto.” But he was also planning for a whole new manga, which he described as a sci-fi story at last year’s New York Comic Con. He said he’d already designed the characters, and that “Since Naruto was a bigger hit than I could ever imagine, I’d like to aim for the next hit.” Then he said he didn’t know when he could announce the new manga, but now it appears we’ll have a clearer idea of this sci-fi series within the next year.

After a brief return, Togashi’s own long-running series was put back on indefinite hiatus in July. Hunter x Hunter was revived from its previous two-year hiatus in April, after what began in August 2014 as a short break for his lower back pain ended up extending until 2016. Jump staff stated on announcing the current hiatus that that they will announce a new resumption date for the series when it has been decided.

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