Guest blog: Top five anime that focus on real-world issues

Dropping round for a cup of tea and a hearty discussion of some deeply meaningful anime, it’s Daziigirl of UNOTAKU. Stay with us a while, and see which anime she ranked among the best that deal with the real big issues. You might just go away with the series that gives you a new perspective on our little world.

Kara no Kyokai (The Garden of Sinners)

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Synopsis for Part 1: Fukan Fukei (Overlooking View)

A detective agency searches for clues to find out the reason behind the strange suicides that are occurring quite often lately. The most striking similarities between these deaths are that all of the victims are female students, and have jumped from the ancient Fujo Building to kill themselves.

Mikiya Kokuto and Shiki Ryogi are the chosen ones to investigate these cases, with Shiki having the mysterious, but helpful ability called the ‘Mystic Eyes of Death Perception’.

Welcome to the NHK

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Tatsuhiro Satou has been a NEET ever since he dropped out of college four years ago. With him being a hikikomori (a person who avoids social contact), he has even more problems finding a job or even just leaving the house for a while.

Being shut in at home made him think a lot about, and also believe in, many crazy conspiracy theories, including the number one on his list: a special, but very evil organisation, the Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai (NHK) that tries to spread the hikikomori culture.

With that in mind, he tries everything he possibly can to escape this organisation and finally live a normal life.

Neon Genesis Evangelion


This is a psychological drama that probably everyone has already watched or at least heard of – so you probably already know why this anime just had to be on the list, dealing with mental and psychological issues.

Spirited Away

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A great and exciting movie when you’re a child, and an even greater and deeper story when you grow up, and start to understand the true meaning of this story and the actual issues Spirited Away wanted to represent. Moving away from your hometown when you’ve just started getting used to it as a child can be very difficult – and this spiritual world Chihiro visits reflects exactly that: new and pretty weird looking faces, unfamiliar traditions and just a whole different lifestyle.


Related image

While this is actually a comedy anime, if you look deeper into it, you notice that they’re actually talking about serious topics many high school students face in their everyday lives – maybe not as extreme as Tomoko, but in some way we were all once jealous of the ‘cool kids’ and wanted to be popular. And even having that one friend you do everything with can be very important for us, which is why Tomoko has to suffer through her school years so much.

Written by the wonderful @daziigirl of UNOTAKU. We’ve been so glad to have her collaborate with us – check out our piece on her blog here.

1 Comment on Guest blog: Top five anime that focus on real-world issues

  1. The Otaku Judge // August 19, 2016 at 16:56 // Reply

    Eva does a good job of portraying the real life issue of giant angels trying to wipe out mankind… um I mean psycohlogical issues. 🙂


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