News: Anime planned for Issui Ogawa’s Star of Guidance sci-fi novels

Four time Seiun Award-winning sci-fi author Issui Ogawa has announced the screen adaptation of his Michibiki no Hoshi (Star of Guidance) novel series, through his publishers Kadokawa Haruki Jimusho. There are plans for both an anime and 2018 “screen adaptation” of the four books set in a time of first contact with aliens, as they observe humanity’s first steps into space.

The novels’ official site describes the story of the four book series:

After humanity became a spacefaring civilization, it encountered many aliens. However, upon discovering that these aliens were not yet developed, humanity established a “Ministry of Supporting Foreign Civilizations,” which uses Foreign Civilization Observation Officers to support and lift up these aliens behind the scenes until they become spacefaring civilizations. One such young officer named Tsukasa Tsujimoto and three female androids make failed first contact with “Suwarisu,” which throws the whole galaxy into turmoil.

Ogawa published the first volume the series in January 2002, and the fourth was released in November 2003. Range Murata, concept designer for the Last Exile anime, illustrated the covers of all four books. English releases of Ogawa’s novels include The Lord of the Sands of Time (Toki Suna no O) and The Next Continent (Dai Roku Tairiku), both by VIZ Media. The publishers also released his ‘Golden Bread’ short story in their book The Future is Japanese in 2012.


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