Update: SHAFT’s March comes in like a lion anime previewed, premiere date announced

The anime adaptation of March comes in like a lion, the Kodansha Manga Award and Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize-winning manga by Honey & Clover author Chica Umino, will debut on October 8th, as announced on Friday (September 2nd) on the series’ official website. Following the tranquil, mournful life of a shogi player named Rei, the show’s lead is voiced by Kengo Kawanishi, who also played Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans‘ Mikazuki Augus.

On Saturday (September 3rd), a preview aired on NHK, the channel which will broadcast the anime in Japan. This first look at the show’s animation also features comments from the main cast, and you can watch it in full below.

Sangatsu no Lion Preview via pKjd

Although Rei tends to keep to himself, he begins to open up when he meets the three Kawamoto sisters, who come from a working-class area of his neighborhood. Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine confirmed on July 22nd that Akari Kawamoto will be voiced by Ai Kayano, also known as KonoSuba‘s Darkness, and her sisters Hinata and Momo are voiced by Nisekoi‘s Onodera, Kana Hanazawa, and Kiznaiver‘s Nico, Misaki Kuno, respectively.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica‘s Akiyuki Shinbo is directing the anime at SHAFT, with Nisekoi‘s Nobuhiro Sugiyama on character design, and Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun‘s Yukari Hashimoto composing music. Bump of Chicken will be performing both theme songs, with the opening being a new song, and the ending titled ‘Fighter’. The latter was previously part of the collaboration music video below, between the band and Umino’s March comes in like a lion manga.


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