My Favourite Anime: Haibane Renmei

For our very first My Favourite Anime, acyathedragon from The Mad Narrator gives us the low-down on cult series Haibane Renmei. 

Haibane Renmei isn’t just my favourite anime of all time, it’s the greatest anime in all of existence! And I shall stand by that notion until the end of my days. So take your Evangelions and stick it square up your – (Note: This blogger has been taken away for ranting reasons! We’ll be right back.)

To begin, I suppose I should give a brief, spoiler-less overview on what it’s about. Yet, I don’t wish to say that much. So let me just say this:

The story follows, Rakka. A newly emerged Haibane. What is a Haibane you might ask? A group of selective people who hatch out of cocoons, have small, non-flyable, grey wings and haloes hovering above their heads. Angels, anybody? Together they live in the Old Home on the outskirts of Grie, a quiet town where wingless, halo-less people live. And finally, surrounding everything, is a gigantic wall to keep them all in. Especially Haibane.

There, that’s all I shall say, BUT, my above synopsis doesn’t give the story any justice! So please discover the magic of it like me and watch it.

Anyway, if you’re looking for the next great anime series with lots of explosions, fights, plenty of fan-service, a never-ending episode count, with larger than life heroes and villains, while being spoon-fed the entire story? Well my friend, you are looking at the wrong show by a looooooooooong shot.

The thing about Haibane Renmei is, not a lot happens in it. The show mostly crawls along at a snail’s pace as we explore the new world with Rakka, as she interacts with many of the colourful supporting characters – while taking in the sights and sounds.

We as a viewer will hover omnipresent behind her, taking in the breathtaking animation quality and art. Then, slowly, something finally happens as where drawn into the mystery of the story. But be warned…

While it may not reveal everything, or *SPOILERS*anything at all, *END SPOILERS*. That’s what gives the show an infinite replay ability, and sucks me back every time. I always find something new I didn’t notice before, or come to fully understand something I didn’t the first time around. That friends, is the sign that this show will age like fine wine, with plenty of interpretations of the series to come.

Let’s not forget its stellar music, especially the intro. While I absolutely hate anime intros, mostly because I dislike J-pop, this had me glued to it every time, thanks to it dispensing with J-pop. Very dreamlike in a sense. Actually, you could hum its music to your kids as a lullaby.

Now time for something so shocking it will blow your fragile little minds!

I was a complete anime virgin when I first watched it! Yes, this was the very first anime I ever watched, and what luck I started on this one. I couldn’t have asked for a better starter series.

Did I also mention one of my favourite fantasy races are angels? Just coincidence, of course.

This will never be for everyone, but for the lucky few to appreciate it as much as I do. You have my eternal respect and attention.

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