A new anime, this time centred on a mecha otaku who winds up in another world, has unsurprisingly been getting a lot of buzz. The first manga volume adapting Hisao Amazake-no’s Knight‘s & Magic light novels announced that there will be a TV anime adaptation, after Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine teased that the volume would hold a big announcement.

To celebrate, the manga artist Takuji Kato tweeted an illustration for the occasion:

In the novel and manga, the aforementioned otaku dreams of piloting his own fantastical weapon, but soon dies in a car accident. Fortunately, his soul is reincarnated as Ernesti Echevarria, a citizen of the aforemenioned other world. Here, giant humanoid robots really do exist, and Echevarria, carrying residual memories from his past life, aims to be the pilot of a Silhouette Knight.

Amazake-no launched his story in October 2010 on the web novel platform Shosetsuka ni Naro, the site now famed for hosting the original Re:ZERO novel. Now that particular anime series has been sent into the stratosphere, it’s no shock that a new dropped-in-fantasy-world tale with a twist is attracting a lot of excitement. Enough for us literary graduates to forgive the vexation that is the grocer’s apostrophe? Well, we’ll have to see.

Shufunutomo’s Hero Bunko imprint picked up Knight’s & Magic and published the first light novel in January 2013, with illustrations by Heiin. Hero Bunko released the sixth volume on March 30th, and Kato’s manga incarnation began in Young Gangan on April 15th.


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The Otaku Judge

This could be cool. Most of the otaku going to fantasy world shows I have seen are magic focused. Adding mechs to the mix is a nice change of pace.


This doesn’t look half-bad, I’ll keep an eye out! 😀

Elisabeth O'Neill
Elisabeth O'Neill

Seems like it’ll be fun if nothing else. Being the next other-world thing after Re:Zero has to be tough though.