On Monday (September 26th), Crunchyroll announced that they have added the 13th and final episode of Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto. Due to April delays, making room in the TV schedule for news coverage of the Kumamoto earthquakes, the anime adaptation of Nami Sano’s debut manga had its second episode, then every subsequent episode, set back by a week.

Director Shinji Takamatsu said he was “truly disappointed” by the 13th episode’s resulting removal from the schedule, as the staff had created it specifically for televisual viewing. For the moment, it seems that Japanese fans won’t be able to see the final episode until it’s given its home release. The show’s official website lists the 13th episode as included in the fifth and final Blu-ray Disc/DVD volume, which is slated for release in Japan on October 26th.

Sentai Filmworks, who have licensed the anime for North America, describe its story:

Just who is Sakamoto? He’s enigmatic. He’s clever. He’s dashing. No challenge is too great and no cause is too small for Sakamoto. Girls love him, guys hate him for it, and despite efforts to humiliate him, Sakamoto is flawlessly able to emerge from the fray, even cooler than ever. Who knows what Sakamoto is going to do next? Whatever it is, it will be fabulous!

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I had no idea there was an episode missing from it! It figures with the earthquakes, which is always sad :C
I’m glad we’ll get it at least in the DVDs and Blurays tho~!

Elisabeth O'Neill

Yeah, it was the only thing to do, just making room to keep people updated on the whole tragedy. Just awful 🙁 They’ll get the episode out sooner or later to everyone who wants to see it.