After Aomori’s serene beauty was put on display in every episode of the spring slice of lifer Flying Witch, the prefecture is teaming up with the show for a lovely little event. To promote tourism, visitors are being challenged to solve as many puzzles as possible, placed in key locations in four Aomori cities. Each stage location is given a Flying Witch character, with Makoto Kowata representing in Hirosaki, Chinatsu Kuramoto in Kuroishi, Nao Ishiwatari in Goshogawara, and Akane Kowata in Imabetsu.

The event, Flying Witch ~Aomori Puzzle Tour for Witches and You, is taking place during a wonderful witching time – October 29th until November 30th. There’s no charge for admission to the tour, you just turn up with your quirkiest friends. The official event webpage will provide more details at a later date, so keep an eye on it if you’re planning to flex your puzzling muscles.

We loved Flying Witch, so we’re happy to see its popularity being put to use in such a thoughtful way. We only wish we could hop on a broomstick and fly to Aomori for a Halloween trip.

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What a cool way to engage fans. Things like this make me sad that we don’t live in Japan. You wouldn’t see something like this here unless a company like Funimation decides to bankroll it.

Elisabeth O'Neill

Ain’t that the truth. Makes me sad too, I couldn’t think of a much better way to spend an autumn day.