Once upon a time (around 1981) Nikola Tesla created his famous electrical resonant transformer circuit, which had the added bonus of being a pretty nifty noisemaker, as well as producing varying strengths of electrical currents. The musical version, or “singing Tesla coil”, has been experimented with by the likes of Björk, and now the Takatsuki High School Physics Research Club.

Using a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), the club programmed the coil’s high voltage discharges to recreate ‘Go! Go! Maniac’ by the girls of Ho-kago Tea Time. The opening theme for K-ON! season two is so impressively sung by the coil that it got itself 50,000 retweets in a matter of days. Look at it go!

Their singing Tesla coil was put on display for Takatsuki High’s cultural festival. It certainly makes a change from the usual haunted house or maid cafe.

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The Otaku Judge

Tesla’s invention can be used to play Anime tunes? I am “shocked” by this news.

Elisabeth O'Neill

Glad you found it en-lightning.