Ken’ichi Matsuyama returns as L in 2016 Death Note film

Ken’ichi Matsuyama, who brought the master detective L into the 3D world in the Death Note films, is returning to the role for this year’s live-action, if only for a few minutes. The official site for Death Note Light up the NEW world revealed the news on Thursday, eight years after Matsuyama starred in 2008’s L change the WorLd.

Matsuyama had his own thoughts to share on becoming L once more for as little as three minutes. On the film’s website, he said he was happy to come back to the character after so long, even though he felt they’d grown apart both in body and mind. He added that it was like a journey to find L within himself again, and that he’s grateful for the opportunity.

It isn’t stated whether L will appear as part of the main story, or in a flashback. Perhaps, in a sense, it’ll be somewhere between the two, as L’s successor Ryuzaki, played by Sosuke Ikematsu, is determined to surpass the master. Both in admiration and envious of L, he’ll likely be projecting his image, his example also a spiritual guide.

Matsumoto will be rejoining three previously announced returning cast, with Sato Aoyama back as Matsuda, Erika Toda reprising Misa, and the Death Note anime’s Shido Nakamura as Ryuk. Last month also brought the news that Mineko Fuji of Lupin III is voicing a new shinigami, one who holds more kinship with humans than her fellow gods of death.

In the story of the new film, an advanced information society is globally targeted by cyber-terrorists. Two fated adversaries who “inherited the DNA” of Light and L emerge, as portrayed by Masaki Suda and Ikematsu, and their followers clash in a war over the six Death Notes on Earth. Directed by the Gantz live-action’s Shinsuke Sato, this first screen adaptation to stick to the manga’s six Death Note rule will open across Japan from October 29th.

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3 Comments on Ken’ichi Matsuyama returns as L in 2016 Death Note film

  1. Great news. I loved the original two movies, and the L-spinoff movie. I hope this one will be just as good, looking forward to it 😀

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    • Elisabeth O'Neill // October 7, 2016 at 18:34 // Reply

      Must admit I’ve never seen the L one, but I’ve seen both the others and quite enjoyed them myself. I’m interested in how the dynamic will work between the Light and L descendants. For me though, the movies can’t touch the anime 😋

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