Weekly round-up

Regular visitors will know we like to keep our finger on the pulse, but it’s not always easy finding time to read every story. But worry no more. Our new weekly round-up collects together our favourite news stories from the past seven days in one easily digestible chunk. And without further ado, here’s the headlines.

India and Pakistan attempt to ban Doraemon for its ‘corruptive influence’

The beloved robot cat Doraemon is in danger of being banished from both countries’ TV screens, coming under criticism for supposedly encouraging children’s misbehaviour.

your name. is Japan’s highest-grossing 2016 film

Makoto Shinkai’s latest film has grabbed the #1 spot at the Japanese box office for its sixth week running, taking earnings that put it on par with Studio Ghibli’s success.

Thunderbolt Fantasy sequel green-lit

Gen Urobuchi’s Taiwanese-inspired puppetry extravaganza ended last week, but not before announcing that we can expect a sequel.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga’s 1st live-action film announced

Helmed by lord of the weird Takashi Miike, this movie will adapt the manga’s Diamond is Unbreakable arc.

High school physics club’s Tesla coil performs K-ON! opening theme

And now, for the lighter side of the news, check out the Takatsuki High School Physics Research Club’s electrifying cultural festival project.

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