Shonen Jump publishers Shueisha have announced that they’ve set up a new department called the “Dragon Ball Room”, which is focused purely on developing Akira Toriyama’s most beloved creative property. Having been initiated in June, the new extension was announced just this week during a “new publications project presentation” in Tokyo.

Akio Iyoku, editor-in-chief of V Jump magazine, home of the Dragon Ball Super manga, is leading the department which is working towards providing new content ideas for Dragon Ball. Their aim is to optimise and expand the brand, and Iyoku clarified that the department is “only thinking about Dragon Ball“.

Toriyama puts his full trust in the department, even joking “It’s really great that I don’t have to do anything now”. If we know Toriyama, he’ll definitely be guiding the department on a regular basis to make sure a Super-sized fiasco doesn’t happen again.

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