Update: Tawawa on Monday’s 1st episode restored after removal from YouTube

Sword Art Online Progressive mangaka Kiseki Himura has been getting tens of thousands of retweets each on his Twitter-based series ‘Tawawa on Monday’. So a web anime based on the weekly illustrations following the day to day lives of busty girls was produced, with Kosuke Murayama of SHAFT storyboarding and directing. It seemed the right next step, but YouTube was oddly perturbed by the curves, and shortly after the first video was posted by NBC Universal Japan, it was pulled for “violating community guidelines“.

But Himura has since announced that the first episode of the short anime has been restored to its original NBC YouTube channel. He noted that this was not the relaunch he tweeted about earlier this week.

In the episode, a salaryman meets a girl named Ai on the train by chance. They then start to meet every Monday, the man acting as her “bodyguard” on the crowded journey. They have their regular chat, and nothing more happens. If you ask us, aside from the perverse interpretations of some, the video is completely harmless. A girl with a big bust, animated or not, doesn’t deserve to be blocked. Being in ownership of large breasts does not make a woman “sexual content”. So, in our opinion, the video was rightly restored.

The project from studio Pine Jam of Mahou Shoujo Nante Mouiidesukara has Blue Exorcist key animator Hiroyuki Yoshii on character designs. Eden of the East‘s Takashi Mamezuka acts as animation director, and Flying Witch‘s Yoshiaki Dewa composed the music. Shugo Chara‘s Yuu Nikaido voice actor Junji Majima joins newcomer Sayaka Harada, who voices Ai and sings the theme ‘Otome no Tawawa’ as her character.

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2 Comments on Update: Tawawa on Monday’s 1st episode restored after removal from YouTube

  1. The Otaku Judge // October 15, 2016 at 15:24 // Reply

    Youtube is a joke when it comes to policing their site. They recently announced the Heroes scheme were people get promoted for flagging videos. The trolls will have a field day and I expect SJWs will start a campaign against any vids that feature busty girls.

    If you have have a big fanbase you can put pressure on Youtube to overturn the take down. Sadly unknown video creators will get ignored if they fall victim to unfair strikes.


    • Elisabeth O'Neill // October 17, 2016 at 19:22 // Reply

      Of course, that was bound to work wonders. When was leaving things up to the public and rewarding them for platitudes ever a good idea? It seems more worthy content gets blocked than videos that actually deserve it because of idiots flying off the handle. And then, as you said, minor artists without the fan base for support will be the first to bear the brunt of that scheme.

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