Regular visitors will know we like to keep our finger on the pulse, but it’s not always easy finding time to read every story. But worry no more. Our weekly round-up collects together our favourite news stories from the past seven days in one easily digestible chunk. And without further ado, here’s the headlines.

For those we’ve lost

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This year’s already been a rough one for losing our pop culture titans, but this week took some treasured talent from the world of anime: Kazunari Tanaka of Code Geass, Boom Boom Satellites’ Michiyuki Kawashima, Ghibli colour designer Michiyo Yasuda, and Sailor Pluto dub actor Susan Aceron. May they rest in peace, and their families and loved ones find comfort at this time.

End of Naruto’s story leads into new Boyhood Arc

Let’s move on to some more uplifting news now. Naruto Uzumaki’s manga storyline might have finally reached its conclusion in the Shippuden anime, but a new arc will bring us back to the very beginning.

Shueisha set up new Dragon Ball department

Shonen Jump publishers Shueisha have set up a new department called the “Dragon Ball Room”, focused purely on developing Akira Toriyama’s most beloved creative property.

Tawawa on Monday’s 1st episode restored after removal from YouTube

Kiseki Himura’s Twitter series ‘Tawawa on Monday’, illustrating the daily lives of busty girls, got a web anime directed by SHAFT’s Kosuke Murayama. But YouTube was oddly perturbed by the curves, and shortly after the first video was posted, it was pulled for “violating community guidelines”.

J.C.Staff mark anniversary with video celebrating all their anime

J.C.Staff are celebrating their 30th anniversary, and what better way to put a pin in the occasion than with a video of all their anime since 1986? See how many you can name!

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