Last week, NTV’s broadcast of Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro was interrupted by a message from Kira. Light Yagami, as portrayed by Tatsuya Fujiwara, made it known he would be returning for this year’s Death Note Light up the NEW World.

The film’s official website confirmed the news that Fujiwara is reprising his role from the 2006 Death Note live-actions, posting videos of Kira’s message and the commercial that followed, as well as two new ads. And at this opportune point in proceedings, international fans can now see an English subtitled version of the trailer released in September.

Message from Kira

Translation: “I am Kira. I entrust everything to you as the one who takes over my blood and will. Get a Death Note. Live on as Kira.”

Kira Virus + Message From Kira

‘Kira Lives Version’ CM

‘Panic Version’ CM

‘Justice Version’ CM

This follows the news that Ken’ichi Matsuyama will return for a cameo in the film as L. Fujiwara and Matsuyama join three previously announced returning cast, with Sato Aoyama back as Matsuda, Erika Toda reprising Misa, and the Death Note anime’s Shido Nakamura as Ryuk. Last month also brought the news that Mineko Fuji of Lupin III is voicing a new shinigami, one who holds more kinship with humans than her fellow gods of death.

In the story of the new film, an advanced information society is globally targeted by cyber-terrorists. Two fated adversaries who “inherited the DNA” of Light and L emerge, as portrayed by Masaki Suda and Sosuke Ikematsu, and their followers clash in a war over the six Death Notes on Earth. Directed by the Gantz live-action’s Shinsuke Sato, this first screen adaptation to stick to the manga’s six Death Note rule will open across Japan from October 29th.

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I am soooo looking forward to this one. I thought the original two movies were certainly very good, and the spin-off L, definitely was also worth the watch. Loving this small commercials…they are pretty creepy in their own way 😀 Thanks for sharing these 😀

Elisabeth O'Neill

Light gave me a little chill in those ads too, reminds me why I liked the first two films. I’ll have to give them another watch sometime.