We love Fullmetal Alchemist. Riza Hawkeye kicks butt, her rifle marksmanship ever true to her name. But would that inspire us to do any physical activity? Eh. We are otaku, after all. However, one Olympic candidate and high school student, Miki Nishikawa, has taken the sharpshooter’s example and put it to inspiring use. At the age of 17, she’s aiming for Tokyo 2020, and told Japan about her role model on national TV.

Nishikawa admitted that some may think it’s strange to compare yourself to a manga character. But she thought if Riza Hawkeye could be so cool when she fires her rifle, then she could aspire to do the same. We’re behind her all the way, because fictional character or not, if having a hero inspires you to achieve and influence others, that can only be a good thing. We’ll be cheering her on at the Summer Olympics.


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The Otaku Judge

Best of luck young lady. A fictional character motivating someone to win an Olympic medal would be a tale fitting of any anime.

Elisabeth O'Neill

That would definitely be an original way to have someone start out in a sports anime. Seems like there’s only two or three ways to get into a sport in anime land.