Update: Takara Tomy unveils ZOIDS smartphone game

Hands up, who remembers ZOIDS? For some of us, this underdog of Takara Tomy’s toy vehicles is tangled up in childhood Saturday morning nostalgia, but the company has announced their new project for the mecha franchise. It turns out Eighting are developing a smartphone game, and whether you’re excited about this or had been hoping for more, like it or not ZOIDS Field of Rebellion will arrive this winter.

The multiplayer battle game for iOS and Android will be free to play, with in-game items optional to buy. Right now in Japan, pre-registration and closed beta applications are being accepted via the game’s official website, and will close for new applications on November 6th. In the teaser below, you can see the soldiers and bots who’ll be battling to take down their opponents’ base, with character designs from Hironox.

ZOIDS started off as a model kit line in 1983, which inspired Michiro Ueyama’s 1999-2001 manga series, released in English by VIZ Media under the title ZOIDS: Chaotic Century. This manga was then adapted as the ZOIDS: Chaotic Century TV anime, airing from 1999-2000 and gaining enough traction for three more anime series. Zoids/ZERO followed in 2001, with ZOIDS: Fuzors airing from 2003-2004, and finally ZOIDS Genesis running from 2005-2006.

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5 Comments on Update: Takara Tomy unveils ZOIDS smartphone game

  1. I hope they do!


  2. If it’s anything like Chaotic Century, I’m going to enjoy it

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  3. Oh God, I loved Zoids: New Century Zero, Zoids: Chaotic Century, and Zoids: Fuzors! Never got to see Zoids: Genesis, though. I’m super excited. Thanks for the news.

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  4. Is this game available for Android or Kindle? I heard it was tied up mostly in the Japanese market, which is sad BECAUSE I WANT THIS GAME!!!!! AAAHHHH!!! Zoids: Chaotic Century was my favorite and I so wish they still played it on TV. Too bad Boomerang will never pick it up.

    “See you on the battlefield!”


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