Hunter x Hunter creator Yoshihiro Togashi gets out and about, stirring fans’ hopes

At the end of June, the Hunter x Hunter manga was put back on hiatus after an all too brief return in April. And once again, it was Yoshihiro Togashi’s chronic back pain that forced him to stop work on his much-missed series. But it seems he may be feeling a little better, as he managed to get out and enjoy KochiKame‘s 40th anniversary and conclusion celebrations.

Togashi was one of a throng of manga artists who gathered to see Osamu Akimoto’s police comedy manga off in style. Hisashi Eguchi of Stop! Ebari-kun, Kyosuke Usuta of Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san, Yudetamago of Kinnikuman, Masanori Morita of Rookies, Shinji Hiramatsu of Black Angels, and Kontarou of Kaze ni Kiite Kure all took a group shot with Togashi (below, centre) to commemorate the evening.

As with all of the artist’s hiatus activities, this simple, smiling photo invited suspicion from some fans who believe he is just slacking off. But many others wished him well, and shared their hopes for Hunter x Hunter‘s speedy return. We’re not getting too excited yet, because going to a party on a good day and sitting down for hours of concentration heavy work are completely different things for someone as ill as Togashi has been. But we’ll keep our fingers crossed, and of course, it makes us happy and relieved to see him up and about again.


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  1. At least he was able to greet the author. Still, it must be a serious issue for him for his aching back.

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