Jun Maeda’s True Angel Beats! manga to follow spin-off Heaven’s Door

The manga spin-off to the original 2010 anime Angel Beats!, Jun Maeda and Yuriko Asami’s Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door, ends in this month’s issue of Dengeki Comic magazine. But Maeda, co-founder of visual novel developers Key and creator of Angel Beats!, already has grand plans for a new manga set to launch in 2017.

This series will replace Heaven’s Door in Dengeki Comic, and Asami will return to illustrate the “True Angel Beats! he wanted to write”. Seems an exciting project for anyone who ever shed a tear to the anime, and a welcome sign that Maeda’s feeling well after announcing in August that he needed a heart transplant.

Maeda also wrote the screenplay for Angel Beats! with original character designs by his Key colleague Na-Ga, who joined for Air and has been working there ever since. Key is also known for producing CLANNAD and Kanon, among other visual novels. The story follows Otonashi, a boy who loses all memory of his life after dying. He’s enrolled into the afterlife school where he meets Yuri, leader of the Afterlife Battlefront who follow her vow to fight against God. After the Angel Beats! series two further OVA episodes were released, one in December 2010, and the other in June 2015.

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  1. What amazing news!!!!! Thank you so much for reporting it!

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