Shueisha have just announced a new IP licensing deal that will let international companies adapt some of the publishers’ manga properties. First in line, it seems, is a live-action Umaru-chan for China. Yes, you did read that right.

The TV drama adaptation of Sankaku Head’s Weekly Young Jump manga will air in China in 2017, and screenplay work is reportedly already underway. Other companies noted in the licensing agreement include the Chinese internet provider NetEase, trading company Caesar Co. Ltd., book publishers Penguin Compass, and Haiti TV. We’re not sure how Umaru’s persona-flipping antics will work in live-action either, but perhaps we’ll get to see for ourselves somewhere down the line. As it’s still a manga property, one of the anime streamers might yet snap it up for our viewing curiosity.


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I love Umaru-chan! I’m not sure either how it will work in live action but I’m looking forward to it either way.