Japan’s opening day for Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange is coming up surely, though much more slowly than ours, on January 27th. To promote the film’s release, Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine will be running a one-shot prequel manga titled ‘Doctor Strange: Episode 0’.

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The original story, illustrated by 2014’s Tetsuya Chiba Excellent Rookie Award winner Haruichi, follows Stephen Strange before the accident that injured his hands, when he was still an exalted but arrogant neurosurgeon. Focusing on his troubles with coworkers and the treatment of his patients, the manga marks Haruichi’s professional debut, and will be published on November 22nd.

It never stops being exciting, seeing western comics and manga overlap more and more. As Stan Lee gets aboard the anime collaboration bandwagon with his own production company, here’s to the two mediums drawing ever closer together as time goes by.


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Too bad we’re not getting it here. Darn. :/