Girls und Panzer der Film screenings ending after over a year

Between November 25th and December 15th, Japanese cinemas will be ending screenings of Girls und Panzer der Film after more than a year of continuous showings. The film opened on November 21st, 2015, so for Tachikawa Cinema City in Tokyo who have listed their last screenings for the 25th, the movie will finally close on its 369th day. But before that, this cinema will hold special all-night events on November 19th and 22nd, where they’ll screen all 12 Girls und Panzer anime episodes plus one OVA.

In total the feature has earned over 2.32 billion yen from its domestic run. This success made it the 17th top-grossing Japanese film in 2015, as well as the second top-grossing ever to be based on a midnight anime series. Girls und Panzer der Film beat Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion‘s previous record of 2.08 billion yen in 2013 to take the #2 spot in this list.

Sentai Filmworks have snapped up the film for home release in the UK and other territories as revealed in September. A theatrical release for North America and its English dub cast were both announced by Sentai recently, but for the moment, we’re still waiting on more details as to when we can expect the home release to ship. Meanwhile, this story has got me wondering – if this movie ran for a year in Japan, how long do you think those rabid repeat viewers of your name. can keep it going?


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2 Comments on Girls und Panzer der Film screenings ending after over a year

  1. If theaters are smart they’ll keep Your Name going for a very long time. I imagine people are willing to pay for that for much longer than one year.

    Thanks for the heads up about the release in North America! I loved the Girls un Panzer series and would probably see Der FIlm in theaters if the option is available. Nov 18 is just around the corner. Time to start hunting for a screening location 😀

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    • Elisabeth O'Neill // November 12, 2016 at 12:33 // Reply

      And I’m sure they will. It would be nice if it could work like that overseas too, what with Christmas coming up and saving money for presents, we’ve had to pass up seeing it now 😔

      No problem, glad you could hear about it from us 😊


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