Code Geass fans unlock a clue to the Demon’s rebirth

As Code Geass prepares for its 10th anniversary event on November 27th, it seems a fresh plot is afoot. A few fans were delivered special invitations and charged with solving a secret code. In fine print at the foot of the summons, there’s a P.S. that hints “The answer is beneath ‘kai'”.

Three words throughout the text of the invitation are pronounced as, or include, “kai”. First off, there’s the Greek letter X. There’s also “会”, the kanji for “kai”, and “今回” or “konkai”. A couple more kanji – “勤倹” and “勅使” – contain the カイ line strokes, the same as the Japanese characters for “kai”.

Now for the next part of the puzzle. Directly beneath those five words, sit these five characters in succession:  “魔”, “神”, “の”,”複”, and “活”. When you string these otherwise innocuous characters together, you get the phrase “Majin no fukkatsu”, which translates to English as “Rebirth of the Demon”.  Now then, what’s that affectionate nickname we have for Lelouch as his loyal followers? What’s more, the first episodes of Code Geass‘ two existing seasons were given the titles ‘Majin ga Umareta Hi’ (‘The Day a New Demon was Born’) and ‘Majin ga Mezameru Hi’ (‘The Day a Demon Awakens’).

Friends, Britannians, Elevens. I think we can get excited for more Code Geass.


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4 Comments on Code Geass fans unlock a clue to the Demon’s rebirth

  1. I love things like this: these small little puzzles and clues to get fans excited. Great stuff 😀

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  2. Pachinko machine confirmed

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  3. Oh…..interesting……A Code Geass comeback will definitely be welcome.

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