Gainax co-founder opines on “awful” your name.

When something gets as mind-bogglingly popular as Makoto Shinkai’s your name., people are bound to want to tear it down. This time, it’s the old guard of the anime elite finding fault for the sake of backlash. Specifically, Toshio “Otaking” Okada, co-founder of studio Gainax.

Okada has devoted much of his 58 years to the otaku lifestyle, starting with dropping out of college in the 70s because he forgot to hand in his course registration forms. After that, he kept up the pretense up being at school for his parents, who were giving him an allowance to support him in his studies. Meanwhile, he got to know emerging anime perennials like Hideaki Anno, later the creator of Evangelion, and formed General Products when he realised he could make a living from selling model (or ‘garage’) kits.

It was 1986 when he co-founded Gainax and filled the role of CEO. From then on, he made a name for himself as an expert in otaku. It’s a reputation that’s stuck long since his retirement from Gainax in ’92, as he now fills his time appearing on TV, lecturing and writing books on his specialist subject. One of his best known non-fiction titles is You Otaku Are Already Dead, a critique of the trends, isolation and retreating attitudes of those who call themselves ‘otaku’.

Now we know what we’re dealing with, we can go into the criticism he launched on your name. during a lecture in Kyoto:

your name. is a huge hit. There are a lot of women who are saying the film is a masterpiece, and it has me worried about the future of Japan. Come on, the film just uses the good parts of films and manga that’ve sold well in the past. It’s rubbish. As a person who’s been involved in anime, there wasn’t one second of your name. that I thought was interesting or moving. Seriously, the story and script are awful. Even comparing it to the artistry of Hayao Miyazaki’s films is a mistake.

Usually, as with his “otaku are dead” spiel, he at least reigns in the rage and critiques from a responsible position. I’ve written a separate piece on this (which you can read here) so I won’t go into the details of why this is a disgusting insult to anime creators and fans. All I will say here is: Grrr!

Golden Boy mangaka Tatsuya Egawa has also expressed disappointment with your name., but in his case it seems more on a personal level with Shinkai. He’s said, “From the perspective of a professional, I didn’t find [your name.] interesting at all,” adding that “it lacks [Shinkai]’s voice, and it’s just composed of elements that sell”.

Unfortunately, we in the west can’t yet defend the arguments around your name. one way or the other. But I’m sure we’re all agreed in saying that Okada’s rant is just that, from a man frustrated with his own disconnection from the modern anime industry.

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5 Comments on Gainax co-founder opines on “awful” your name.

  1. ‘Okada’s rant is just that, from a man frustrated with his own disconnection from the modern anime industry.’ Great comment and a great article. I do believe there is a hint of truth in his words, though, however harsh they may seem. Kimi no Na wa is not THE masterpiece that most of the critiques are raving about, but it’s definitely interesting, astoundingly beautiful, and with a nice story twist that actually makes sense (in the weird fantasy-world kind of way). And it has the feels that we expect from a Japanese anime drama.

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    • Elisabeth O'Neill // November 17, 2016 at 18:30 // Reply

      Thank you, and it is a good point that people throw around the word “masterpiece” far too often and far too easily. It doesn’t give anyone the excuse to write off the opinions of others altogether, based on the apparent feeling that their thoughts are lesser, but I’m wary of calling something a masterpiece just as a synonym for “good”.

      It definitely looks like all those things and more, and I can’t wait for my chance to see it.

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  2. I just think he is frustrated that he did not make the movie himself lol 😂😂

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  3. They are just jealous that Shinkai can make films that can get nominated into Oscars.

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  4. He’s completely right. The script was garbage. They had the resources to make beautiful images, so what? It means nothing if there’s no cohesive story to be told. It was flat, stagnant and not moving in the least. I was really disappointed.


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