Being limeys, we may not be celebrating Thanksgiving, but we’re still thankful to Yen Press for their new novel and manga announcements. So, without further preamble, let’s have a look at the surprises in store for English readers.

First off, the publishers announced the first volume of Ayano Takeda’s Sound! Euphonium novel, the very same that inspired Kyoto Animation’s currently-airing anime. Next up was their reveal of Mutsumi Okubashi’s manga adaptation of the Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash light novel. The original by Ao Jyumonji is now available in English through the J-Novel Club, so you can be all caught up on the rave series pretty soon if you so desire.

Finally, Yen Press unveiled Asari Endou and Maruino’s Magical Girl Raising Project novels. Its studio Lerche anime has been a topic of much discussion, for better or worse, so it’s no surprise they want to get this one out as soon as possible. Expect all these three series to arrive sometime in summer 2017. We’re definitely excited, especially for Eupho, one of our favourite anime of 2016 and 2015. Which release are you most grateful for?


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