We’ve done it! Finally made it to another weekend, and that means another weekly round-up. So get all cosy to spite Jack Frost, relax in your favourite reading nook, and let us bring you the top news stories of the week. No need to thank us, really, it’s our pleasure.

Groundbreaking manga editor fights cancer

Manga is art. Surely we’ve all realised that by now, and as with all art forms, manga flourishes from avant-garde experiments just as much as its tried-and-true adoptions and reworkings of pop culture. One of the gatekeepers of this truth, Garo editor Chikao Shiratori, is suffering from cancer, and a crowdfunding campaign is reaching out to find him as much help as possible.

Black Lagoon manga author plans new project

There’s been word from mangaka Rei Hiroe regarding a new project he’s working on right now. Last Saturday’s issue of Shogakukan’s Sunday GX magazine revealed that the creation in question will be a “big new dimension project”.

Fund for In This Corner of the World director’s overseas visits hits goal in 1 day

Sunao Katabuchi had plans to visit other countries screening In This Corner of the World, including the UK, France, Germany and South America. The crowdfunding campaign was launched this week and made a success, all in a day’s work.

Trailer released for Astro Boy prequel anime Atom the Beginning

The anime adaptation of Tetsuro Kasahara’s Astro Boy prequel manga, Atom the Beginning, opened its official website on Sunday. With the site’s launch came the reveal of a trailer – will A106 become a god, or a friend?

Sailor Moon adorns condoms to protect her fans from STIs

If you’ve got a wild weekend planned, here’s something you should read. Stick with Usagi, and no harm will come to you. At least, not from sexually transmitted infections.

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