Weekly round-up

We know, we left you bereft of news last week. But the small matter of Christmas coming up had us both running around like headless chickens. With presents mostly sorted, things have settled down now, and we can give you a slightly bigger bitesize look at the anime updates from the past couple of weeks. Make yourselves a Bailey’s coffee (go on, the big day is only a couple of weeks away!) and enjoy.

Izetta, One Piece, Arslan voice actor Cole Brown passes away

This is becoming desperately sad. We’ve lost yet another anime hero in Cole Brown, who was voicing Lord Redford in Izetta: The Last Witch just this season.

Rebuild of Evangelion studio Khara sues Gainax

At first, there was no hard feelings between the collaborating studios. But now there seems to be considerable animosity, as Khara has sued Gainax for 100 million yen supposedly owed.

Rem voice actor Inori Minase cancels events due to death threats

Jeez, when will the sad news end? Inori Minase has been pushed to cancel several upcoming event appearances in Japan and Taiwan, after receiving murder threats from an unknown individual.

On a brighter note…anime revivals!

Right, that’s all the depressing news over with now! Not just Attack on Titan, but two more titanic series have been confirmed to return next year. We’re reeling over the resurrection of Code Geass, as well as Cardcaptor Sakura.

Transgender story Echoes wins This Manga is Amazing! Grand Prix

The ‘Kono Manga ga Sugoi!’ (‘This Manga Is Amazing!’) guidebook announced its 7th Grand Prix Award winner this week. And what can we say? It really is amazing that this one has been chosen. Someone, please, give ECHOES an English release!

Pro skater will voice himself in Yuri!!! on ICE

And you can skate off into your Saturdays with this juicy little tidbit. No surprises here – Yuri!!! on ICE has cast a pro figure skater as themselves.

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  1. Some things are more important than keeping things up to date. You are both doing a fantastic job on that department. Hopefully you will have a great Christmas 😀

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