Mutual fans of anime and South Park have been treated to some simply excellent otaku parodies over the years, just one gem being last year’s yaoi episode. Tweek x Craig forever. With Yuri on ICE!!! being the latest smash by crossover appeal, it’s no shocker that the adult animation has worked in a reference. But a more unexpected namecheck involved was for the show’s simulcast streamers Crunchyroll.

The latest episode, ‘The End of Serialization As We Know It’, touches on the issues of trolling that arise from the problematic nature of online anonymity. Kyle’s mum, on scrolling through his little brother Ike’s history, sees that he’s been looking up Naruto on Crunchyroll. It also appears he’s been Googling the celebrated queer ice-skating anime.

Crunchyroll took notice and recently shared their own video looking at the episode:

What do you think of this reference? We’re ecstatic that, of all this year’s anime, Yuri!!! on ICE has been the one to break international viewing barriers. South Park giving this fact a nudge surely proves its creators are excited about it too. Here’s to even more socially aware and empowering anime becoming talking points across the world, even outside the otaku community.


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I Have heard that Yuuri on Ice!! is a popular anime and I never realized on how much fans really love this show. With this much popularity, shows like South Park will not ignore it haha.