Akira prototypes uncovered for unreleased Game Boy title

Step aside Tomb Raider, Patrick Scott Patterson has unearthed some archaeological-level finds in his own field. Only in October, the self-proclaimed Video Game Advocate posted a video of some Game Boy cartridges he’d uncovered – ones that contained an unreleased Akira game. Find this hard to believe? Well, we wouldn’t blame you for that. Even considering each cartridge had a slightly different game build when tested in Patterson’s video, it could all have been an especially clever hoax.

However, only last weekend, he uploaded a new video of the prototypes now running on a Super Game Boy. As for what he’s planned next, he says he wants to take select segments of each build and combine them, as neither of the prototypes plays through as a full game. Eventually, he hopes that the process will produce a playable public prototype of the game. Here’s the video from December 10th:

Colour us convinced, at least. What an incredible find. It looks considerably more promising than that cancelled 16-bit SNES/Genesis game that got partially outed at the 1994 CES show in Chicago. But even so, whether this Game Boy rendition of Katsuhiro Otomo’s film will ever make it into public hands remains to be seen.

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2 Comments on Akira prototypes uncovered for unreleased Game Boy title

  1. Nice…the gameboy was my first gaming platform (if you can call it that). The only Akira game I ever owned was Akira Psychoball (a pinball game) for PlayStation 2. Abd boy was that a baaaaadddd game 😂😂 Definitely did not bring justice to the great classic Akira.

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