The Tatami Galaxy and The Eccentric Family author Tomihiko Morimi is having a third novel adapted as an anime, TOHO announced yesterday. This time it’s Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome (The Night is Short, So Walk, Girl), which is becoming an anime film from Tatami Galaxy director Masaki Yuasa’s studio Science SARU.

As such, the entire main staff of The Tatami Galaxy anime is returning to make this film. Yuasa, who’s also directed Ping Pong the Animation, will helm the project while Makoto Ueda writes the script. Yusuke Nakamura, who created the cover art for the original novel and Tatami Galaxy‘s, is designing the characters. Meanwhile, Michiru Oshima will be composing music. Even the theme performers are returning from Tatami Galaxy, as Asian Kung-Fu Generation, also known for their ERASED opening, are back to contribute a song to the upcoming movie.

The film will open in Japan on April 7th, and stars Gen Hoshino, also known as Saint Young Men‘s Buddha, as “Sempai”. On announcing the project yesterday, TOHO also unveiled this teaser trailer.

Morimi’s original novel was published in 2006, and follows upperclassman “Sempai”, who falls in love with his underclassman “Girl with Black Hair”. Their story concerns Sempai trying to get his love’s attention, and won both the Yamamoto Shugoro Prize and the second place Japan Booksellers’ Award in 2007.

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