Update: Rei Hiroe resumes Black Lagoon, unveils original anime project

Shogakukan’s Sunday GX magazine promised a big reveal for Black Lagoon author Rei Hiroe’s new project today, and boy did they deliver. In fact, in more ways than expected. The first announcement on the roster was that the Black Lagoon manga will resume in spring, having been on hiatus since 2014. But as well as brushing the dust off his old project, he’s acting as concept creator, character designer and writer for an original anime project, Re: Creators.

The anime will premiere in 2017, and Ei Aoki of Fate/Zero and Aldnoah.Zero is directing at his own studio TROYCA. The official website opened today, and brought with it the show’s first promo and visual.

“Re:Creators” TV anime announcement PV via pKjd

Sunday GX previously teased that Hiroe’s new work would be a “big new dimension project”, and the promo announces the launch of a “Huge New Dimensional Bombshell Project”. The tagline revealed at the end of the promo reads: “Mete Out Punishment Upon the Realm of Gods…”.  The visual above is the poster art by Hiroe himself, which was also mentioned in the magazine’s previous issue. The first full promo trailer for the anime will be debuted by Shogakukan and Aniplex at Comiket 91 on December 29th.

Hiroe’s Black Lagoon tells of a four-man band of mercenaries who smuggle, sort odd jobs and more often than not get roped into shootouts, all while getting around on their World War II Patrol Torpedo boat. The manga launched in Sunday GX in 2002, and its 10th volume was released in English by VIZ Media in April 2015. It inspired two anime series in 2006, followed by the 2010 OVA Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail.

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6 Comments on Update: Rei Hiroe resumes Black Lagoon, unveils original anime project

  1. I absolutely love Black Lagoon, so i’d be interested to see what he does. I would ideally like some more Black Lagoon too though.

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  2. I’m wondering if their next project would be another badass anime like Black Lagoon! Can’t wait!

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  3. The Otaku Judge // November 22, 2016 at 20:37 // Reply

    Why start a new project if the previous one remains unfinished since 2014?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Elisabeth O'Neill // November 27, 2016 at 09:31 // Reply

      I was wondering that myself. But hey, if you’re bored of something you were in the middle of, there’s little use in forcing it.

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      • The Otaku Judge // November 27, 2016 at 09:37 // Reply

        Perhaps, but I don’t see what harm it would do to release one more volume giving the series some closure. Disappointing the fan base that made you famous, by leaving them hanging, could impact how future projects perform. Some readers might not want to become invested in something if there is a track record of abandoning stories midway.

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