Update: Promo for Gintama’s return welcomes old friends, previews new theme song

In September, Shonen Jump proved correct our thoughts that the anime series that closed in March wouldn’t be the last we’d see of our Odd Jobs pals. After Jump announced that Gintama would indeed receive a new anime, the show’s official website revealed that the samurai hijinks will begin anew on January 9th.

The visual below joined the announcement that all staff are back from the fourth anime series. Chizuru Miyawaki returns to direct, with Shinji Takeuchi designing the characters and acting as chief animation director. Yoichi Fujita, who directed Gintama‘s first three anime iterations, also returns as supervising director.

It was previously revealed that ЯeaL will perform the new opening theme song ‘Kagero’, while RIZE are contributing the ending theme ‘Silver’. ЯeaL’s theme has been previewed in the new series’ promo video, welcoming back a load of the friendly faces we’ve missed for most of this year.

Gintama (2017) Promo via pKjd

In other Gin-centric gossip, a tweet recently made the rounds about just how much dough Hideaki Sorachi is rolling in. Or not. Gintama the Movie: The Final Chapter featured a story by Sorachi and earned the equivalent of $16.6 million at the Japanese box office. But a translated comment from Sorachi revealed that he isn’t exactly raking it in, even as the original creator.

I have a question. A while ago, my mother heard that the Gintama animation film was a big hit, and commented that “(Hideaki Sorachi) must be living at [luxury highrise] Roppongi Hills since it’s so popular”. Is that true?

To tell the naked truth, regardless of how many people watch the film or how much the gross earnings are, not a single yen goes to the author. We are only paid an upfront license fee. The amount we’re paid is peanuts in comparison to the overall box office gross. The majority of the profits go to filthy unscrupulous companies such as Shueisha and Sunrise. Releasing individual manga volumes is way more profitable.

But the reason why I slog to fulfill these film adaptations, to the extent that I’m peeing blood, is because there is a place in this world that is more wonderful than a mansion at Roppongi Hills. And that place, ma’am, is in your heart.

If Gintama can reach the hearts of the masses, I wouldn’t mind living in a hill made of cardboard. The authors are the only ones who harbour such honest intentions with their creations.

So ma’am, if you’re feeling sorry for us, don’t just watch the movies, but also buy our books so that we can live at Roppongi Hills with the publishing royalties.

With the manga now in its final arc, Sorachi was unsure whether it would end this year or next. But at this point, we can safely assume that sad farewell will be saved for next year. Gintama has been ongoing since 2004, and the 2006 anime adaptation reached its 10th anniversary this year. The Gintama live-action movie has wrapped filming, and will open in Japan in 2017.

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