Psycho-Pass writer Makoto Fukami and artist Kosuke Yamanami have launched their new manga title, Sekai o Yoku Suru Zankoku na Method (Cruel Method to Make the World Better). Its first double chapter ran in Ichijinsha’s Comic Rex magazine on December 27th, including 71 pages and a colour opening page.

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The story follows 17-year-old Gekitetsu Amo, who has never stood out in school in his life. But almost as a counter to Death Note‘s Light Yagami, this very average student formulates his purpose: to eliminate harmful elements from the world. To that end, he begins a mass-murdering rampage.

Fukami wrote scripts for both the original Psycho-Pass anime and the subsequent film, though he did not return for the Psycho-Pass 2 series, Jun Kumagai of the Persona movies taking over instead. He’s also known for his writing and script management on shows like School-Live! and Berserk, and the Resident Evil: Vendetta movie. Manga he’s previously written include Chotto Kawaii Iron Maiden with artist Alpha AlfLayla, and Osama-tachi no Viking with artist Sadayasu.

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The Otaku Judge

Psycho-Pass and Death Note? I am already interested.


This is great news indeed. I absolutely loved Psycho Pass, and this sounds very interesting. Looking forward to it 😀