The Tokyo Metropolitan Police have today arrested Chonyon Park under suspicion of his wife’s murder. Currently the assistant editor-in-chief for Kodansha’s Morning magazine, he used to be Hajime Isayama’s editor on the Attack on Titan manga. The Criminal Investigation Division allege that he strangled Kanako Park to death in the early morning on August 9th, in their home in Sendagi, Bunkyo, Tokyo.

At around 2:45am on the day of his wife’s death, Park called emergency services. He told them he had returned home to find her collapsed at the foot of the stairs near the first floor entrance to their home. She was then rushed to hospital, but pronounced dead on arrival. Park made a statement on the announcement of her death, claiming that she had committed suicide. But upon completing an autopsy, it was allegedly found that Kanako Park had marks on her neck that suggested strangulation.

A further police report stated that the video from a nearby security camera contained no evidence that another person had entered the area, besides Park and his family. All of them, including his four children, were at home at the time of the incident. Kodansha issued their own statement following the arrest, saying that Park “maintains his innocence”. The publisher clarified they are awaiting the results of the investigation, and are handling the incident with the necessary level of caution.

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This is an interesting case. There were no traces of an outsider, and he is claiming innocence. This case looks like something out of an Ace Attorney case. I hope they solve it fast.


This is just wild, and effed up. Hopefully it doesn’t affect AoT, since they have no correlation aside him working on it 🙏


That’s horrifying. Hope the truth comes out soon, whatever it may be.


Wow, pretty shocking news this one. If it’s the truth, than that is really sad indeed 😢

Arria Cross

I was so shocked when I found this on Twitter this morning. They just had to drag Attack on Titan into it. Oh wow.


Wow that’s crazy