Dengeki Bunko are teasing a certain something new in the works for Kazuma Kamachi, apparently a project big enough to make him break his two-year-plus streak of publishing a book each month. He’ll be out of action in February, though an update is still planned for his web series My Vampire Older Sister and Zombie Little Sister Have Gotten Into a Pretty Serious Fight… Only in Virtual Reality Though.

His next book is slated for March, but Dengeki are leaving all other details a mystery, at least for now. The publisher’s official website advises fans to keep an eye out for more new information before too long.

Of course, Kamachi is best known for his Heavy Object and A Certain Magical Index light novel series. But his stack of other works include Mito Shokan://Blood SignIntelle Village no Zashiki Warashi (The Zashiki Warashi of Intellectual Village), Satsujin-ki to Deep End (The Killer Princess and the Deep End), and Saikyo o Kojiraseta Level Counter Stop Kenseijo Beatrice no Jakuten Sono Na wa “Buu Buu” (The Name of the Weakness That Has Aggravated the Strongest Max Level Sword Holy Woman Beatrice, is “Buu Buu”). The latter of these, with the seriously impressive title, was launched in March 2016.



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The Otaku Judge

The two year run is over? The lack of a new novel for February proves that this guy isn’t a committed writer. What a slacker 😉