Another year, another weekly round-up. The first of 2017, no less. It took us a little while to get back into the groove after chilling out, getting presents and stuffing our faces over Christmas, but we’re back and ready to take on whatever this year has to throw at us. Thankfully, it’s brought us (mostly) good news for the anime world so far. So a belated happy New Year to all, and let’s hop to it, shall we?

Former editor of Attack on Titan arrested for wife’s murder

First of all, we’ve got some disturbing news to get out of the way. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested Chonyon Park under suspicion of murdering his wife.

Amazon launches own anime channel

Now, here’s some good news. Amazon Prime has at last solidified its otaku cred, setting up its new streaming channel Anime Strike.

Kamome Hamada refreshes boys-love with manga based on true story

Living in a world post-Yuri!!! on ICE, the boys-love genre could do with a fresh face. Kamome Hamada is already on it with her manga For Example, a Story of This Kind of Love. Meanwhile, to honour BL’s early days, the shonen-ai pioneer Moto Hagio has been awarded the Asahi Prize for her innovation in shojo manga.

Wow! Real robots!

Two advocates of Ghost in the Shell are getting to grips with robotics, both working on projects that could see our world change for the better. Visual designer Vitaly Bulgarov, currently in action on DreamWorks’ Ghost in the Shell, is working on a bot straight out of Gundam. And as for engineer Takuya Umedachi, he’s developing a ‘soft-body’ design that can be controlled by human hands.

Anisong artists join Sony’s new global label SACRA MUSIC

Last, but by no means least, who’s ready for more J-music overseas? Sony Music are in the process of launching a new label, which hopes to bring the sounds of beloved anisong artists to more of the world.

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Great weekly round-up, tho that about the editor was just…really chilling, since I like the anime. I feel like they might blame AoT for the violence or so. But then again, that’s what’d happen here in the west, but maybe not in Japan? If anyone knows, teeell me, I’m curious.

I’m really excited for the new direction BL will take post-YoI, and hope it’s a real good one 🙏🙏🙏🙏


When I read about the attack on titan editor I was like omg he must have lost it!!

Ryuji's Anime Review

I guess the first news is the only one which is disturbing, knowing the fact that you raised the bar high after saying that mostly good things have occurred this past week, but still it is fun to get to know about these anime news. Thanks for sharing!