My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute, the light novel series affectionately abbreviated as Oreimo, will be celebrating its first double-digits anniversary in 2018. Author Tsukasa Fushimi took a huge head start in teasing the celebrations, for now only hinting that big plans are in place for next year.

Fushimi has a busy schedule for this year alone, the anime of his Eromanga-sensei novels set for this coming spring. Plans are still going ahead for those longed for life-size Oreimo figures too. Still, having just celebrated his own 10th anniversary as a light novel author last year, he isn’t looking to take a pause any time soon. For now, all he’s said is that there’ll be something “fun” going on in 2018. Of course, fans came back with their hopes for a new TV anime or movie, but Fushimi left us all hanging with a “wait and see”.

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The Otaku Judge

I wouldn’t mind seeing more Oreimo in animated form, even if the second season went off if a weird direction. Mental note – don’t watch that series with my sister or things could get awkward.