Event: Original anime Ghost in the Shell plugs back into UK cinemas this week

With excitement and trepidation for the live-action Ghost in the Shell bubbling away in the background, there could be no better time to revisit the harsh, sterile beauty of Mamoru Oshii’s movie in cinemas. Luckily for us in the UK, cinemas across the country are screening it this Wednesday January 25th, for one day only.

Courtesy of Manga Entertainment, here is the full list of cinemas that will be showing the anime classic, as confirmed on the official website:

Aberdeen Union Square Cineworld

Barnet Everyman

Basingstoke Festival Place Vue

Bath PictureHouse

Belfast Odyssey Independent

Birmingham Odeon

Birmingham Broad Street Cineworld

Birmingham, Electric Independent

Birmingham, Star City Vue

Bluewater CDL Showcase

Brighton Odeon

Brighton Komedia PictureHouse

Bristol Showcase

Bristol CDL Showcase

Cambridge PictureHouse

Cambridge Vue

Cardiff Showcase

Cardiff Odeon

Chelmsford Everyman

Cheshire Oaks Vue

Coventry Showcase

Crawley Cineworld

Derby CDL Showcase

Dublin Cineworld

Dublin Vue

Dudley Showcase

Dundee, DCA Independent

Edinburgh Cineworld

Edinburgh Cameo PictureHouse

Enfield Cineworld

Exeter PictureHouse

Exeter Vue

Gateshead Vue

Glasgow East Showcase

Glasgow Quay Odeon

Glasgow Renfrew Street Cineworld

Harrogate Everyman

Hemel Hempstead Independent

Hull Vue

Inverness Vue

Lancaster, Dukes Independent

Leeds Everyman

Leeds CDL Showcase

Leicester CDL Showcase

Lincoln Odeon

Liverpool Showcase

Liverpool One Odeon

Liverpool, FACT PictureHouse

London East, Stratford East PictureHouse

London Central, Central PictureHouse

London Central, Panton Street Odeon

London Central, Prince Charles Independent

London East, Hackney PictureHouse

London East, West India Quay Cineworld

London East, Westfield Stratford Vue

London North, Crouch End PictureHouse

London North, Finchley Road Vue

London North, Holloway Odeon

London North, Islington Vue

London North, Wood Green Vue

London South, Croydon Grants Vue

London South, Greenwich Odeon

London South, Kingston Odeon

London South, Ritzy PictureHouse

London South, Wandsworth Cineworld

London South, Wimbledon Odeon

London West, Westfield Vue

Manchester Showcase

Manchester Printworks Odeon

Manchester Red Vue

Manchester, Home Independent

Metrocentre Odeon

Milton Keynes Cineworld

Newham Showcase

Northampton Vue

Norwich PictureHouse

Norwich Vue

Nottingham CDL Showcase

Oxford PictureHouse

Oxford Vue

Paisley Showcase

Peterborough CDL Showcase

Plymouth Vue

Portsmouth Vue

Portsmouth, No. 6 Independent

Reading CDL Showcase

Sheffield Cineworld

Sheffield Vue

Shetland, Mareel Independent

Southampton PictureHouse

Southampton Odeon

Southend Odeon

Stirling Vue

Swansea Vue

Teesside Showcase

Walsall Showcase

Watford Vue

York PictureHouse

York Vue

You can find your nearest showing at the event website, as well as booking information for each cinema getting in on the action. You’ve still got a couple of days to get your high-altitude swan diving practice in, but when and if you head out to rejoin Section 9 on the silver screen, do enjoy yourselves. It will have been two decades since it first hit our cinemas, after all.

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