Love Live!’s Aya Uchida recovers from vocal cord surgery

Love Live! voice actor Aya Uchida recently announced on her blog that she took two weeks off at the end of the year to have surgery on a vocal cord nodule. The surgery went without complications, and the nodule was safely removed.

Uchida first noticed there was a problem last spring, but later on during a Love Live! performance at Tokyo Dome, she suddenly lost her voice. She was initially able to return to recording sessions with medication, but by the fall her condition had worsened, making her unable to continue her singing, voice acting or media appearances. She said that, besides affecting her voice, her condition had been causing her stress as her voice is essential for her work.

Following the surgery Uchida was unable to speak at first, so she says she stayed at home, cooked, cleaned and did a lot of reading. She was still recovering as the New Year began, so she spent it with her family.

Uchida is best known as the voice of Kotori Minami in Love Live! School idol project. As for the current season, she is voicing Mai in Ai Mai Mi: Surgical Friends, Kaban in Kemono Friends, and Marina in Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas.


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2 Comments on Love Live!’s Aya Uchida recovers from vocal cord surgery

  1. I’m glad she detected it and got it fixed, it could have turned into a real problem. Hopefully she won’t need more, singers and VA’s definitely need their vocal cords in top shape, so wishing her luck 🙏

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  2. I can only pray she got better. ;__;
    At least the surgery was successful.

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