Sailor Moon R: The Movie has just been given a special premiere in Los Angeles this month, showing off VIZ Media’s remastered and uncut version of the 1993 anime. This new theatrical edition is now touring across more and more of the US, but thanks to IGN, everyone can see a two-minute preview of how lovely it looks all made up.

The film’s first theatrical release in the US came in 2000, seven years after its original Japanese release. Pioneer Entertainment distributed the edited version titled Sailor Moon R: The Promise of the Rose. But the remastered version from Viz features the full original Japanese version, screening with the previously unreleased short film ‘Make Up! Sailor Soldier’ which also ran before the film in Japan.

The movie takes place after the second season of Sailor Moon, and goes into the backstory of mystery hottie Tuxedo Mask. Though the whole story of the original movie can be seen in all its glory, it’s exclusively screening English dubbed, featuring the now-familiar voices of Sailor Moon Crystal.


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