The sun god abandoned his chariot,
leaving man alone with his avarice.
And after the calamity

when man fled the atmosphere,
his shadow, a lonely formless thing,
tried to fill a shape it couldn’t find.

Paradise domed over,
the dignity of a failed machine
half buried in scorched earth.

Wandering god, stranger in his own home,
where the prodigal son finds faith
in synthetics. Thrown out into the abyss,

captive in swaddling, new life in destruction;
second coming in a single beam
breaking through the cloud bank.

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oh, this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Dominic Cuthbert
Dominic Cuthbert

That you so much for reading and commenting 😋


Well, you got me here with that screenshot but that is a really nice poem to express the themes in Ergo Proxy. Your own, I take it?

“the dignity of a failed machine
half buried in scorched earth.”

That’s a very curious line, I think. Did you mean it in reference to Vincent, or a more literal machine?

Dominic Cuthbert
Dominic Cuthbert

Ha, I’d click on anything Ergo Proxy related too. I’m glad you did though 😊

I’m actually pretty terrible at taking screenshots, so this is one I doctored via Google.

I was referring to Romdo in those lines, an artificial city hurtling towards its own destruction, caught in a kind of half life.

Thanks so much for commenting.


Ah, I might have figured that out from the immediately preceding line. Whoops 🙂

It was my pleasure to read this. I’m going to have to go back and see your other poems now.