Sailor Moon makes up for Crystal sequel

It’s been six months since season three of Sailor Moon Crystal and the Death Busters arc reached its end. The good news for all you Moonies out there is that the new phase is right around the corner. In celebration of Sailor Moon‘s 25th anniversary, a Crystal sequel has just been announced. While there are no further details yet, have faith that they will arrive soon.

In addition, the Pretty Guardian’s official website announced that the original 1992 anime is getting its first Blu-ray release in Japan. The full run will be collected in two 23-episode volumes, the first of which will go on sale on June 14th, the second following on August 9th. The discs will contain a high definition “upconversion” of the originally aired material, and the initial release will include a deluxe cover sleeve. And the plans don’t stop there, as the Blu-ray collections will continue through to Sailor Moon R and three as-yet-unspecified anime movies.

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1 Comment on Sailor Moon makes up for Crystal sequel

  1. I am maybe not a BIG fan of Sailor Moon, but I have a strong nostalgia for it as it was one of the first Anime for me just like Yatterman and Star Musketeer Bismarck.
    But, BUT! The Sailor Moon Crystal looks like somebody made it on Crystal METH.
    It simply don’t “feel right”.


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