Weekly round-up

That up there is Mitsuha and Taki’s respective reactions to the Oscar nominees for Best Animated Feature…not including your name. Wait, what?!

Kicking off this weekly round-up instead, we at least have some good news from the Academy for the anime world. So before the Shinkai snub sinks in, chill out for a minute and catch up on what’s been happening elsewhere in the otaku news.

Oscars nominate The Red Turtle for Best Animated Feature

Yes, we know, it won’t quite assuage the letdown of your name. being stripped of its well-deserved chance at an Oscar. But considering that Ghibli was threatening collapse post-When Marnie Was There, it’s good to see the studio’s work is still going strong on the awards scene.

Cool Japan Initiative launches Your Name. Official Tour

Hold on, now here’s some news more becoming of your name‘s great success. Its first official tour launches this year, and you (yes, you!) could win a trip to Japan to be one of its first pilgrims.

Sailor Moon says “Make Up!” for Crystal sequel

It’s been six months since season three of Sailor Moon Crystal and the Death Busters arc reached its end. The good news for all you Moonies out there is that the new phase is right around the corner.

Real figure skaters bring the dances of Yuri!!! on ICE to life

In a wonderful display of fandom at its best, Yuri!!! on ICE has been recognised and loved by professional figure skaters from across the world, surely no less by the show’s choreographer Kenji Miyamoto. But what’s happened here is a whole new level of fanart.

New anime poem: Genetic synthesis

Last of all, why not start your weekend the intellectual way? Here’s our latest anime poem based on the pick of the paranoid androids, Ergo Proxy.

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