Voicing Goku earns Masako Nozawa multiple Guinness World Records

via Mantan Web

Goku voice actor Masako Nozawa may have turned 80 last year, but her renown as “The Eternal Boy” has been duly recognised with two Guinness World Records for video game voice acting. In Dragon Ball games alone, she had been Goku for 23 years and 218 days on October 25th, the day she was certified for “longest video game voice acting career”, as well as the “voice actor who voiced the same character in a video game for the longest period”.

An accreditation ceremony was held at Bandai Namco headquarters on Tuesday, where Nozawa received her awards. After she accepted them, she said “I’m glad I was healthy. I wouldn’t be able to continue without [my] health, so I’m reflecting on that deeply now”.

Her first video game role was for the Super Famicom game Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden released in 1993. Most recently, she returned to voice Goku again in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and the Super Dragon Ball Heroes digital card arcade game.

Of course, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama was one of the first on board to congratulate the actor for her achievements. In a message displayed at the award ceremony, he said “Congratulations on getting Guinness World Records in two categories! I feel a bit proud when I think, ‘It’s only a little, but do I also have a connection to the records?'”.

2 Comments on Voicing Goku earns Masako Nozawa multiple Guinness World Records

  1. That’s a huge accomplishment. She is pretty awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m happy for her, she’s been doing so much work! 👏👏


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