Update: My Hero Academia season 2 reveals new cast, 1st episode plans

This week sees the release of the second My Hero Academia light novel, as well as some long-awaited news for anime fans. As Anri Takashi’s Boku no Hero Academia Yuei Hakusho novel hit shelves today, it revealed that season two of the Bones anime is getting an early spring premiere on March 25th. This falls a whole week before the average April timeframe for the spring season.

The catch is, the first episode will be a recap of the first season, with the second season proper beginning on April 1st. April Fool! This first episode will be called ‘Boku no Hero Academia Note’, based on Izuku Midoriya’s many notebooks that detail the abilities of other heroes.

As the first season ended in June of last year, the show was confirmed to adapt the Sports Festival arc of Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga. The latest cast member added is Wataru Hano of Fairy Tail and Yuri!!! on ICE, who will be voicing Hitoshi Shinso with the power of Brainwashing. Previously announced cast for this arc include Saki Ogasawara of The Irregular at Magic High School as Itsuka Kendo, and Kohei Amasaki of Mob Psycho 100 as Neito Monoma. The other new characters are voiced by fresh faces to anime, with Azu Sakura as Mei Hatsume, Koji Okino as Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, and Miho Masaka as Ibara Shiozaki.

The main cast from the first season will return, along with all the key staff. Kenji Nagasaki is back as director, with Yosuke Kuroda writing and overseeing scripts. Yoshihiko Umakoshi is also returning as character designer and chief animation director, with Yuki Hayashi composing music.

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  2. a great watch, looking forward to season 2! maybe i’ll get around to reading the manga soon

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