Weekly round-up

Well, have we got a bumper round-up to share with you today. Along with all the news you need to keep up to date with the world of anime, we’re introducing a brand new feature to this weekly update. No spoilers here! You’ll just have to scroll on down to find out.

New York Times to drop manga and comic book bestsellers lists

The New York Times recently announced its plans to stop publishing weekly bestseller lists for graphic novels and manga. Consequently, there’s been some heated discussion within the world of comics on the newspaper’s apparent ignorance of the medium’s legitimacy.

Macross 35th anniversary project and new anime announced

In brighter, sparklier news, as the second Walküre concert ended last Sunday, a new Macross TV anime was announced for 2018.

Crunchy roll out some real treats

They’ve been busy bees at Crunchyroll this week. Not only have they announced a series of Anime Movie Night live-screenings, but they’ve also started streaming Gintama with the TV show’s first ever English dub.

Hayao Miyazaki and Ghibli producer Suzuki share thoughts on your name.

We were all expecting Makoto Shinkai’s your name. to reach the heights of the world’s top grossing anime movie, and it did. But we’ve also been anticipating Hayao Miyazaki’s opinion on the film. Strangely for him, he’s been holding his peace, until now.

Voicing Goku earns Masako Nozawa multiple Guinness World Records

Finally, here’s one to bring a smile to your face. Goku voice actor Masako Nozawa may have turned 80 last year, but her renown as “The Eternal Boy” has been duly recognised with two (two!) Guinness World Records for video game voice acting.

Now, here we go. Taking a leaf from Karandi’s book, we’ve put together our first round-up of the posts we’ve most enjoyed from you guys! Here’s what we’ve been reading this week, and heartily recommend that you do, too.

100 Word Anime – Friday’s Feature – Remembering Haruhi Suzumiya It’s been a long time since I first had the Haruhi experience for myself, but this piece from Karandi reminded me why I loved it. She shares some great ways to re-watch the show with new eyes, but if you’re yet to be introduced to Miss Suzumiya, let her convince you it’s well worth your time.

ARCHI-ANIME – Transcendence: Motoko Kusanagi – Three weeks into her empowering series Women Crush Wednesday, Zel gets techy with philosophy and explores Motoko’s search for spiritual identity. More than just a character study, it opens up whole new ways of interpreting Ghost in the Shell. Dive in and find your own epiphanies.

Rai’s Anime Blog – Izetta: The Last Witch – Representing a Positive Image of Witchcraft – Rai goes into eye-opening detail discussing real witchcraft and the lingering prejudice against the practice, as explored in Izetta. This would make a wonderful companion to our own piece from last year, on the changing nature of witchcraft in anime. If we do say so ourselves.

Takuto’s Anime Cafe – Kiznaiver, Where Change is Worth the Pain | OWLS “Disruptors” – As one of the brilliant bloggers who form the Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect (OWLS), Takuto brings us into his cafe to chat about peaceful protest through empathy in Kiznaiver. He shows us that the power to be a force for change is in all of us if we can only come together, to share our strengths with our pain. So simply click through to be uplifted.

ANIMA&ANIME – Lost in Translation #2 – Shôwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjû – Last but not least by a long shot, Edsamac displays the kaleidoscope of tones and shades that can be found in a single story. By carefully extracting what’s been lost in translation in episode four of Rakugo, we can see why the art form really has survived the ages with reinterpretation.

That’s quite enough from us for the time being. But we’ll be back again next week with more news, more otaku discussions, and of course, sharing more of your wonderful writing. Until then, keep up the great work, and enjoy your weekend!

6 Comments on Weekly round-up

  1. Thanks for linking and I look forward to your round up each week. Love finding new posts to read.

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  2. Thanks for the shout out, Elizabeth. 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed the Lost in Translation series. I hope to bring you guys more and more as the days go by. Thanks once again!

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  3. I don’t read the New York Times but this stinks. It’s not fair! 😦

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  4. Thanks for the shoutout!! I’m glad you’re enjoying th4 WCW posts! Also really New York Times? I can’t believe the legitimacy of the medium is even being questioned. That’s infuriating to hear!!

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  5. Thank you for including my Izetta article in this post :3 I really appreciate it. I also really enjoyed your piece on witchcraft!

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  6. Excellent list of post round-ups!

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