Cool Japan might have its official Gifu-to-Tokyo your name. pilgrimage, but if you want to escape from life in the metropolis, this tour might be the one for you. Eight different cities in Gifu Prefecture are joining in the Gifu Anime Sacred Place Alliance, to bring tourists from across the globe to the popular anime prefecture.

Indeed, your name. is far from being the only anime inspired by or directly featuring Gifu. Most of the city stops have at least one signature show or movie, and here they all are:

Gifu The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior and Rudolf the Black Cat
Hida your name.
Ogaki A Silent Voice
Gero Hikaru no Go
Ena Haikara-san ga Toru
Tajimi Yakunara Magcup mo
Minokamo No-Rin
Wanochi-cho (none right now, but who’s to say?)

This journey of sacred places was officially revealed at a press conference in Gifu-city on February 3rd, off the back of the international craze sparked by Makoto Shinkai’s film. The project aims for information exchange between all eight cities in discussion of how best to provide for fans of anime and manga, both in future Gifu Prefecture tours and other events.


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