It’s been just over a month since the final episode of Yuri!!! on ICE, but we’re missing it already, and we know heaps of you are too. To ease the Yuri, Yurio and Victor-shaped voids in all our lives, we thought we’d look back over the joy they brought us through the fall, and continue to even now through your blogs. So here’s our special round-up celebrating how Yuri!!! on ICE touched us all in so many unique ways.

Real figure skaters bring the dances of Yuri!!! on ICE to life

In a wonderful display of fandom at its best, Yuri!!! on ICE has been recognised and loved by professional figure skaters from across the world. But what’s happened here is a whole new level of fanart.

Another pro skater will voice himself in final episode of Yuri!!! on ICE

Just as Nobunari Oda appeared as himself in episode 11, his fellow pro skater/choreographer Stéphane Lambiel voiced himself in the final episode. They were both so proud to be involved, just going to prove its influence as it looped right back into figure-skating’s professional circles.

South Park gives a nudge to Yuri!!! on ICE and Crunchyroll

With Yuri on ICE!!! being the latest smash by crossover appeal, it’s no shocker that South Park squeezed in a reference. But a more unexpected name-check involved was for the show’s simulcast streamers Crunchyroll.

Get a skating education from Yuri!!! on ICE choreographer and voice actors

Kenji Miyamoto, the fabulous figure-skating choreographer who stepped out the dances of Yuri!!! on ICE, will be teaching fans about the sport at an upcoming event. Oh, for an instant knowledge of the Japanese language and a teleportation machine.

Victory on ice: why Yuri!!! on ICE deserves to be Anime of the Year

When Yuri!!! on ICE was pronounced Anime of the Year in Crunchyroll’s first ever Anime Awards, certain people got their knickers in a twist. Here’s our hot take (close air quotes) on why this show deserved to be named representative of the best of 2016 in anime – because of its queer cast.

Here are the pieces from our fellow writers that magnified the power of Yuri!!! on ICE. Reading these pieces enhanced the way we watched this wonderful anime, and kept reminding us why we loved it long after it ended. They also make us realise why we started watching simulcasts in the first place – to experience a love like this with all of you.

Fujinsei – A Yuri on Ice Dream: Love is Love, Gay or Not (OWLS Blog Tour) – With Valentine’s Day coming up, the Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect (OWLS) are celebrating with a whole month on taking flight in Yuri!!! on ICE. In this piece, Arria succinctly expresses everything that makes YOI iconic in LGBTQ expression and representation, as well as an uplifting drama for all. But importantly, she also discusses where it still faltered for some. At times the show did shy away from leaving no doubts that Yuri and Victor were in a relationship, but Arria shows us that this doesn’t mean their romance is non-existent.

The Lily Garden – A Lack of Communication and Its Implications as Seen in “Yuri!!! on Ice” – OWLS Feburary Blog Tour | Flight – In this piece, Remy shares what we can all learn from the complications in Yuri and Victor’s relationship. Attentively interpreting the subtle details of their hold on each other, and how it isn’t always positive, she reveals an underlying meaning to the show – the difficulty in nurturing a relationship, and how essential the twin pillars of trust and communication are.

Atelier Emily – Yuri!!! on ICE and Social Media – This lovely pair of blogs explores the significance of social media throughout the series, touching on its fleeting nature as metaphor, how we hold onto precious moments we’ll never recapture, and those we love even when apart. They also reflect on the use of shifting perspectives, internal and external, and how those of the main characters are impacted by social media, in terms of themselves, their fellow skaters, and us as viewers.

Anime Feminist – So That I Could Be Myself: Gender performance in Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju and Yuri!!! on ICE – Dee, otherwise known as the Josei Next Door, penned a wonderful analysis of how Rakugo and YOI challenge cisnormative gender expectations. When we break free of how the world sees us based on our physicality, and express how we truly feel inside, our actions are liberating and beneficial to society at large. In a sense, YOI completed a concept Rakugo opened up in winter 2016, and you can really appreciate that in this piece.

There you have it, our round-up to remember how Yuri!!! on ICE made history. Because, don’t forget, the world took notice of this moment in anime; a triumph for love that will resonate in the industry and its fandom for years to come.

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Arria Cross

Oh my gosh. Yes! I love this round-up! Everything Yuri on Ice! Yes. So exciting. And of course, thank you very much for including my post here too. I’m really grateful. Cheers!

Elisabeth O'Neill
Elisabeth O'Neill

No problem! There were so many YOI posts I was a little spoiled for choice, but yours was a good’un 😊

Arria Cross

Yay! Delighted to hear that. Thank you very much.

Remy Fool

Thanks for linking my post!

I was late to the hype train, but YOI was seriously an amazing show!


I am way too obsessed with this show. I miss it so much!


Thank you for feeding our Yuri on Ice addiction.


The anime does look impressive. I can’t believe it got so much recognition for the content and characters.